Navigating the idea of ‘keeping the peace,” in an election year.

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I think I’ve misunderstood what ‘peace’ means for much of my life.

I defined peace as the absence of conflict. When you factor in that I am one of four boys, it might make sense that would be the definition that I would land on. In a house that could easily erupt in a lot of commotion simply from a certain look that one of us might give another, the idea of ‘peace and quiet’ was something that my parents were regularly working towards.

While I’m not sure, I…

A gay Texan’s words to Trump-supporting friends & family.

I’ve been having some great conversations lately. Conversations that while sometimes difficult, are so helpful with better understanding those that I love in my life. Those folks that I simply refuse to let go of.

As a gay man in Texas during an election year, you might have suspect that these conversations are political ones, and while that might be a way to look at it, I’d say they are more conversations about empathy. I’ve explained previously why I don’t really engage in ‘political’ discussions too much these days.

During one…

A gay grandson’s words to his Trump-supporting grandmother

You said that maybe I was “the one who has the problem” with my sexuality and that I’m “assuming the worst in people.”

Well, as long as we live in a nation where one of the two major parties is actively trying to take my rights away, I don’t think I’m the one with the problem.

You said that I kept up with politics and current events because I enjoy them. That is partially true, but I stay informed because I have now realized that I must be involved to ensure that…

Tips & encouragement for new LGBTQ+ allies with evangelical backgrounds

A little over a year ago, I attended a conference called Evolving Faith with my mom and dad, and I’ve written about an aspect of that experience before in regards to my personal faith.

One thing I have not shared about that conference is something that struck me when Jen Hatmaker shared her experience evolving her views on LGBTQ+ inclusion and affirmation. If you aren’t familiar with Jen, she is a thought leader in Christian faith circles and has been writing, speaking, and teaching for quite some time. …

My experience leading up to taking medical leave for mental health

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Gymnastics was a large part of my life from the age of 3 to about 12. There was a coach who taught tumbling and trampoline in the gym connected to the First Baptist Church’s daycare center in my small Texan hometown that my grandmother ran and my brother and I attended. It was a no-brainer on the convenience front for my parents who signed us up for lessons.

My relationship with the sport fluctuated over the years anywhere from a pure love to begrudging participation depending on the pass…

My struggle writing about going on medical leave for mental health.

In the late fall of 2018, I went on medical leave for mental health from my job. A few months later, I started BraveNewLove to share stories and create space to live authentically. The goal was self-therapy and hopefully offering encouragement to others dealing with similar struggles to live authentically.

I felt like writing about my experience with medical leave and mental health overall would be helpful since I hadn’t been exposed to any stories on that front prior to going through the process myself. …

A step-by-step self-care guide during Covid-19 lockdown and beyond

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Now that we are nearing about 6 months of altered living due to Covid-19, I think it is safe to say that our self-care routines might evolve a bit to reflect the changes in our everyday life. Alone time inside reading a book might no longer be a welcome change of pace when much more of our time is spent indoors and our number of connection points with others has greatly reduced in frequency.

As a wellness entrepreneur, I’m constantly looking for ways to improve personal wellness and find ways to…

Unpacking the problems with White people labeling other White people racist without any additional discussion on why.

Over the last few months, I’ve seen an anecdotal uptick of folx being called racist in both virtual and in-person settings. The folx being labeled racist tend to be White, or White passing POC, more often than not, and the folx prescribing the label also tend to be White.

On the one hand, I am encouraged to see so many people endeavoring to use their voice, their platforms, and their privileges to bring attention to racism in our daily lives in the same…

My feedback on your leadership performance & offer to help improve.

Dear Austin Police Chief Brian Manley,

After watching quite a bit of the ongoing Austin City Council meeting on June 5th, I’ve got some feedback on your leadership style.

First, I can’t imagine the amount of pressure that is associated with holding your position during these trying times. …

I blocked Donald Trump on social media, and I think you should consider it too.

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You might have heard by now that Twitter added a disclaimer to one of President Trump’s recent tweets noting that his words violated the company’s rules against glorying violence.

The tweet attacked the character of the protestors in Minnesota labeling them “THUGS” and indicated that he was in favor of opening fire once the “looting starts.” The tweet was problematic, racist, and steeped in white privilege.

The American worldview, currently fixated on binary options and perpetuating division, would indicate that you fall on one of…

Lance Pyburn

wellness enthusiast, blogger, aspiring activist, proud LGBTQ+ supporter, and hype-man for empathy.

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